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f the way up the mountain would include the height and roughness as well as the length. ASCENT OF FUSIYAMA. ASCENT OF FUSIYAMA. The path wound among the rocks and scori?, and through the beds of lava. Altogether they found the ascent a most trying one, and sometimes half wish

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ed that they had left the visit to Fusiyama out of their calculations when they were planning how to use their time in Japan. But it was too late to turn back now, and they kept on and on, encouraging each other with cheering


words, stopping frequently to take breath and to look at the wonderful panorama that was unfolded to their gaze. The air grew light and lighter as they went on, and by-and-by the periods when they halted, panting and half suff


ocated, became as long as those devoted to climbing. They experienced the same difficulty that all travellers encounter at high elevations, and Fred remembered what he had read of Humboldt's ascent of the high peaks of the And


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es, where the lungs seemed ready to burst and the blood spurted from the faces of himself and his comp

anions in consequence of the rarity of the atmosphere. About every two miles along the way they fou

nd little huts or caves, partly dug in the mass of volcanic rubbish, and partly built up, with roofs t

o protect the interior from the rain. These were intended as refuges for the pilgrims for passing the

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